Sunday, November 11, 2012

NurCaliph Montessori House

Nur Caliph montessori House

my work place..... :)

hari ni graduation & concert FY 2012. "LOVE MOTHER EARTH"

during setting up the stage
aunties kene panjat tangga - put up the lantern ball

so happening... my self, sgt gemuruh because this is my first time involving in this area.
Al-Walid BBB - coral speaking, "The tree dropped their leaves"
sgt puas hati dgn semua student in my class. walaupun lepas tu seram sejuk tgn ni.... :)
gambar kat atas ni masa we all practise everyday.
gmba bwh pun masa practise...nak keluar on stage mcm mane.


ni pulak Al-jarrah class.
dancing "Under the Sea".

real performance x dpt nk upload lg...kene tunngu. x sempat nak snap gamba.


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